Verbal Behavior

At Positive Behavior and Developmental Specialists, we utilize the Verbal Behavior branch of Applied Behavioral Analysis to address and treat the communication and language delays and/or disorders experienced by children.

Our verbal behavior therapy centers on four word types: Echoic, Tact, Intraverbal, and Mand. Through our Verbal Behavior therapy service, we aim to teach children how to communicate properly and how they can use language to achieve positive results (e.g. getting what they want).

Our verbal behavior therapy services include:

High Five

  • Manding (Asking for things)
  • Tacting (Labeling objects)
  • Intraverbal (Responding to WH/How questions)
  • Vocal Imitation (Copying words/sounds)
  • Motor Imitation (Copying motor actions)
  • Receptive Language (Following instructions)
  • And more

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